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En total, suman más de 7.500 páginas.
Ningún escritor adventista ha sido tan prolífico, con la excepción de E. White.

Alonzo T. JONES: 1850-1923

The Abiding Sabbath 1888
Christian Patriotism 1900
Civil Government and Religion 1889
The Consecrated Way 1890
Ecclesiastical Empire 1901
The Empires of the Bible 1904
The Great Empires of Prophecy 1898
The Great Nations of Today 1901
Lessons from the Reformation 1913
The National Sunday Law 1888
The Place of the Bible in Education 1903
The Two Republics 1892
May, 1889, Kansas Campmeeting Sermons (.5 sermons) 1889
1893 General Conference Series (24 sermons) 1893
1895 General Conference Series (26 sermons) 1895

Folletos (miscelánea):

Bible Questions Concerning Man. (Bible Student's Library 1890)
Church Organization (General Conference Bulletin, 1903)
Consecration (General Conference Sermons, 1901)
Dead Formalism (Present Truth, 1893)
The Faith of Jesus; the Nature of Christ
God and Caesar (General Conference Lectures, 1888)
God's Confidence in You (Review and Herald, 1898)
The Image to the Beast (Battle Creek Sermon, 1893)
The Immaculate Conception (Religious Liberty Library, 1894)
Members One of Another (Present Truth, 1892)
The One Example (Present Truth, 1892)
Our God a Consuming Fire (Review and Herald, 1899)
Sabbath Rest (Great Nations of Today, 1901)
The Spirit of Christ as Manifested in His Work for the Salvation of Man (PT, 1892)
That Prayer of Yours (Review and Herald, 1898)
What Does it Mean to be a Church Member (General Conference Bulletin, 1903)
Where the Spirit Rules (Lessons on Faith, 1900)
Working Miracles

La selección siguiente ha sido tomada del libro 'Lecciones sobre la fe', que consta de sermones de A.T. Jones y E.J. Waggoner publicados en 1977 por John 0. Ford (Pacific Union College Press).

The Power of the Word- I (Review and Herald, 10/20/1896)
The Power of the Word-2 (Review and Herald, 10/27/1896)
Ministers of God (Review and Herald, 9/26/1896)
Living by the Word (Review and Herald, 11/10/1896)
Kept by the Word (Review and Herald, 10/13/1896)
Receive not the Grace of God in Vain (Review and Herald, 9/22/1896)
Boundless Grace Free to All (Review and Herald, 4/17/1894)
Creation or Evolution, Which? (Review and Herald, 2/21/1894)
Christian Perfection (Review and Herald, 7/18/1899)
Studies in Galatians-1 (Review and Herald, 8//29/1899)
Studies in Galatians-2 (Review and Herald, 9/1/1899)
Shall It Be Grace or Sin? (Review and Herald, 9/1/1896)
Lessons on Faith (Review and Herald, 11/29/1898 to 3/14/1899)
Deliverance (Review and Herald, 3/14/1899)
Sinful Flesh (Review and Herald, 4/18/1899)
A Dead Formalism I & 2 (Bible Echo, 1/28 & 2/4/1895)

Ellet J. WAGGONER: 1855-1916

Christ and His Righteousness 1890
The Everlasting Covenant 1900
Fathers of the Catholic Church 1888
The Glad Tidings (original version) 1900
The Glad Tidings (reprinted by PPPA, edited by R.J. Wieland) 1972
The Gospel in Creation 1894
Prophetic Lights 1894
Studies in Romans (1891 General Conferenace Sermons) 1891
Sunday: The Origin of Its Observance in the Christian Church 1891
Waggoner on Romans 1896

Folletos (miscelánea):

Baptism: Its Significance (Signs of the Times)
The Blotting Out of Sin (Review and Herald, 1902)
Church Authority (Present Truth, 1893)
Faith (1896)
Foreknowledge (Apples of Gold Library, 1897)
The Free Gift (Signs of the Times, 1896)
God Manifest in the Flesh (Signs of the Times, 1899)
Good Works (Present Truth, 1892)
How Righteousness is Obtained (Present Truth, 1892)
How the Word Came (Present Truth, 1892)
How to Get Knowledge
The Inspired Word (Present Truth, 1892)
Letter and Spirit
Life in Christ (Present Truth, 1892)
The Literal Week
Living by Faith (1890)
Miracles of Jesus (Present Truth, 1892)
Perpetuity of the Law (Present Truth, 1892)
Power of Christ (Present Truth, 1892)
Power of Forgiveness (Apples of Gold Library, 1894)
The Rest That Remains for the People of God (Heb. 4:9) (1893)
Salvation in Jesus Christ
The Three Sabbaths (Apples of Gold Library)
The Unconquerable Life (Present Truth, 1892)

Las siguientes secciones de E.J. Waggoner forman parte del libro 'Lecciones sobre la fe':

Saving Faith (Bible Echo. 8/l/1890)
The Unconquerable Life (Bible Echo, 10/15/1892)
Christ the End of the Law (Bible Echo, 2/15/1892)
Faith (Bible Echo, 8/17/1896) 1896
Living by Faith (Signs of the Times, 3/25/1889)
For Our Sake Also (Signs of the Times, 10/13/1890)